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We’ve started working on web projects in the late 1990s, working with CMSes and doing custom developments.

A lot has happened since that time, and we’ve been happy to see how innovation and excellent frameworks have kept this work exciting.

Since 2010, we’ve been working with Symfony, which is one of the most popular PHP frameworks around.

Our development services

  • We develop mostly with the PHP Symfony framework

  • We can also manage the hosting of the developped app

  • Besides, we can also do simple static sites

We’re not designers so you’ll have to provide us with your vision and graphical elements.

Why Symfony ?

As many others, we love working with the Symfony framework because it has always been about bringing together the best practices in web development. As a result, Symfony helps you write quality code and saves a lot of time.

Static sites ?

On a static site, each page is stored in raw HTML content on the server, and displayed the same way to every visitor.

Unlike dynamic websites, no code is executed to render the pages on the server, which brings interesting advantages :

  • SPEED. As the server doesn’t need to spend time executing code, it can serve pages almost instantly.
  • SECURITY. No recurrent security issue to fix as in every CMS.
  • COST. You can host it on a very basic hosting offer, and avoid maintenance fees (no backup, no security upgrade)

As an example, we’ve built this site with Jekyll, the most popular static website generator.

How do we work

  • we discuss about your needs, study feasability and define a calendar
  • if you accept our offer, we’ll start the process (specifications writeup, development with scheduled feedback loops, release)
  • we work from our office and we can interact through our project platform (redmine), mails or chat