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Digital Signage, powered by Xibo

Communicate to your audiences with electronic displays

How does it work ?

Each setup relies on 4 components

Each display is driven by a tiny computer.
The model we sell and customize is very small and consumes barely 2 watts.

Our service

We aim at providing you an affordable digital signage solution, bringing our IT expertise to build with you your new communication support.

What our service includes
  • Study of your project with you
  • Cloud software subscription
  • Box with player software
  • Software setup and optionnally, content integration
  • Training on the software
and what it doesn't
  • * Displays and other hardware
  • * Electrical or network related works
  • * Content creation

Choose whatever hardware you desire, and work with your preferred hardware installator.

Choose us because

  • No ties to a specific display provider
  • Well established software, driving more than 35.000 displays
  • Very affordable pricing
  • We have experience on the solution, and can integrate it according to your specifications
  • And last but not least, we’ll make all our possible to help you succeed with your project